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The tables: Fraction of the Moon Illuminated 2006, at Midnight Universal Time,
and Times of Rise and Set.

Moon data

Scroll down to see extreme circumstances at full Moon:

apogee perigee full Moon

For viewers in the northern hemisphere,  the full Moon of December 2006 will be the highest until 2024,
for southern
hemisphere observers it will be the lowest.

link Highest Full Moons in 18 Years

On October 6, 2006, the Moon is Full: it's the Harvest Moon, the closest Full Moon to automn equinox.
That night, it has nearly the biggest apparent diameter for a Full Moon in 2006 with a diameter of 33.4'.

link Inconstant Moon

Applet: Moon Distance

Select "Full Moon":

Full Moon Blue Moon

The second full moon in a month is called a blue moon.
Blue moons happen roughly once every three years, or about seven times every 19 years (times are UT):

2007, Sat Jun 30, 13:50
2009, Thu Dec 31, 19:14
2012, Fri Aug 31, 13:59
2015, Fri Jul 31, 10:44
2018, Wed Jan 31, 13:28
2018, Sat Mar 31, 12:38
2020, Sat Oct 31, 14:50
2023, Thu Aug 31, 01:37
2026, Sun May 31, 08:46
2028, Sun Dec 31, 16:50
2031, Tue Sep 30, 18:59
2034, Mon Jul 31, 05:56
2037, Sat Jan 31, 14:05
2037, Tue Mar 31, 09:55
2039, Mon Oct 31, 22:37
2042, Sun Aug 31, 02:04
2045, Tue May 30, 17:54
2048, Fri Jan 31, 00:16
2050, Fri Sep 30, 17:33


Fraction of the Moon Illuminated 2006, at Midnight Universal Time.  



Interactive map of rise and set.

Illuminated fraction, and the duration of visibility

The Moon on a world map, and the moonlit region.


The declination of the Moon.

altitude elevation Moon transit         full Moon transit

              declination diagram

extreme moon

earth moon distance

The change of distance may be up to about 6,300 km per day.

More data and Moon Distance Applet

Updated: 2023, Oct 06