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Part 5: Clocks
  1. Sun Clock
  2. Twilight Clock
  3. Sidereal and Solar Time
  4. Local Sidereal Time
  5. Mean Local Time
  6. True Local Time
  7. More Clocks

Part 1: Sun, Moon, Planets, Stars

Part 2: Sun and Moon Graphics

Part 3: Sun Data

Part 4: Moon

Part 6: Sundials

Part 7: General Astronomy, Miscellaneous

Sun Clock

The applet displays the times of sunrise and sunset on a clock for any location.

Twilight Clock

This times of sunrise, sunset and twilight are computed and displayed.

Local Sidereal Time

Mean Local Time

True Local Time

More Clocks

The applet parameters are configurable for your home location.

More Clocks


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